New Augusta
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New Augusta

Summary of History and Significance

New Augusta represents one of only two intact nineteenth century railroad towns (the other is Acton) in Marion County. Originally known as Hosbrook, the name New Augusta was given by the Post Office in 1878. The community was established in 1852, though no major expansion occurred until the 1870's. The earliest settlements were along the railroad. Prominent citizens included William and Henry Pollard, who established a flourmill, and Henry Dobson who owned a large portion of land in the community. The town never extended beyond its 1889 additions, leaving New Augusta with its original village characteristics.

Address Ranges

4444-4884 W. 71st St. (even numbers only) 7120 Lyon
4516-4901 W. 72nd St. 7121-7126 New Augusta Rd.
4502-4801 W. 73rd St. 7110-7402 Pollard
7104-7217 Coffman Rd. 7101-7135 Purdy
7102-7330 Dobson


New Augusta Depot New Augusta

Neighborhood Association

New Augusta Village Association
Mark Patty, President
4636 W. 72nd St.
Indianapolis, IN  46268
317-250-2755 - Phone