Staff Reports & Hearing Results
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Staff Reports & Hearing Results

What is a Staff Report?

After the docketing of a land use petition, it is assigned to a staff planner. The staff planner works with other city staff, the petitioner, neighborhood groups, and remonstrators, until the public hearing process is completed. Approximately seven days prior to the public hearing, the planner will publish a staff report, with staff's recommendations for approval, denial, or for other action to be taken.

Recommendations in a staff report are not decisions, but are rendered to assist the relevant Board, Commission, or Committee in making a decision on requests.

All Staff Reports, Hearing Results, and maps on this website require Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free web browser plug-in available from Adobe Systems' website.

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Board of Zoning Appeals Division II

Board of Zoning Appeals Division III

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Regional Center Hearing Examiner

Speedway Hearing Examiner