Petition Processes
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Petition Processes

The zoning, variance, or other land use petition process begins when the petitioner files the request in the Current Planning office, in Room 1821, City -County Building. If you can read Adobe PDF files, the links below will take you to charts which show the major steps that occur for each type of land use petition. Also given are typical minimum timelines. A number of factors can, and often do, increase the amount of time required to complete the petition process.  If you have questions about the process for a land use petition that has not yet been filed, call our main desk at 317-327-5155. 

If you have questions about an already-filed land use petition, you should call the staff planner assigned to the petition. That information is provided to you in the Legal Notice of Public Hearing.

Plat Approval Process

Typical Rezoning Process

Supplemental Review Process

Planned Unit Development Process

Typical Variance Process