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CDBG ​Partner Resources
The CDBG partners' page contains important dates, information and materials as it relates to applying and administering a CDBG award. Organizations are encouraged to check the website for any updates, but announcements are provided on a regular basis relating to any updated information and application materials. Please click here to submit your email information.
For a general overview of the CDBG program and mission, please return to the public facing page here. Additional questions can be directed to staff:
·         Jeff Hasser, CDBG Manager, , 317-327-7876
·         Holly Lester, CDBG Coordinator
,  , 317-327-5861
·         Amber Hayes, CDBG Analyst
, , 317-327-5614
CDBG Important Dates for 2017
7/7 – RFQ submissions due for CDBG Public Service - Neighborhood Capacity
7/7 – RFQ submissions due for CDBG Public Service – Job Training and Placement
7/7 – RFQ submissions due for CDBG OOR – Strategic Investment OOR
7/7 – RFQ submissions due for CDBG OOR – City Wide OOR
7/14 – Quarterly Reports due
7/20 – CDBG General Construction applications due

8/7-8/11 – CDBG General Construction applicant presentations

Proposed 2018 Action Plan is announced with funding allocations (Date TBD)
Summer Youth Program Fund Orientation (Date TBD)
10/13 – Quarterly Reports due
10/14 – Final day to request a contract amendment or extension

2019 Lift Indy Letters of Interest Materials released (Date TBD)
12/6-/12/7 – 2018 Project Sponsor training

Partner Documents