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Special Events Permits

Hello!  We are so glad that you have decided to host your event in the City of Indianapolis!  We look forward to working with you to ensure your event is safe and successful!

The Special Events Office assists event organizers as they plan for outdoor and/or public events.

Click here for instructions on how to fill out the Special Event Application

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When a Special Event Permit is Required

A special event permit is required when holding an organized activity involving the use of, or having an impact on, city-owned property or the temporary use of private property:

  • Closing of a street
  • Blocking or restriction of public property
  • Sale or distribution of merchandise, food or beverages
  • Set up of temporary structures (I.e. stage, tent)
  • Use of private property where anticipated attendance is over 250

For more details on hosting an event in the City of Indianapolis, click on the Permit Process & Requirements page

Click here to view Chapter 986 of Revised Code (Special Events)

Limited Duration Licenses

Generally, without the designation of a special event, the activities listed below would be prohibited or severely restricted in some manner. During a special event, however, the Department of Business and Neighborhood Services has the ability to permit the following eight (8) types of activity with certain restrictions:

Upcoming Civic Sponsored Events   





Special Event Permit Fees

If your event anticipates 250-2,500 participants, the fee is $75.00

If your event anticipates over 2,500 participants, the fee is $268.00.

If an event requires a fire inspection, or fire services, there may be $100 fee added.

Meters -

Zones 1 and 4

  • Cost is $25 per meter per day
  • Hours of operation are Monday - Saturday, 7am - 9pm
  • Cost is $20 per meter per day
  • Hours of operation are Monday - Saturday, 7am - 9pm

Zone 2

Zone 3

  • Cost is $20 per day
  • Hours of operation are Monday - Friday, 7am - 6pm.