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Special Event Permit Process

Special Events Office/One Stop Shop
1200 Madison Ave, Suite 100
Indianapolis, IN 46225
Phone:  317-327-4849
After Hours Emergencies:  317-605-7745
General Requirements for ALL events
When you are planning your event, you will need to first submit your application on our website.  It is critical that you apply at least 60 days in advance for several reasons:
1.      You are in effect “reserving” the venue (however, please remember that the venue itself will have the final say in permission)
2.      The Special Events Office will inform you if there are any events occurring on the date you have selected which could result in conflict.  We need to ensure there is enough time to work through the issues.
3.      The Special Events office will distribute your application to the various relevant City and State agencies for their approval.  Early notice allows these entities to allocate resources and personnel more effectively.
4.      You will need the time in order to secure additional documents and permits/licenses as required.
5.      If you are planning a public event on private property, you are required to apply for a Special Event Permit.  This will serve as your notification to the City that there may be additional traffic congestion or a larger than normal public gathering at a property.  Review of your event application may reveal the need for additional permits, inspections, and/or the need for public safety or security support.  This is not intended to add additional work or cost to your event.  The purpose is to ensure that public events are safe and well-planned.  The Special Events Permit could also assist you in overcoming outdoor zoning restrictions at your event site.  This permit will temporarily allow outdoor sales for the duration of your event.
Information from the Special Events Office
Block Party Info                       Block Party Application
Payment:  An invoice will be sent to you once your application has been submitted.  Fees may be paid online (instructions here), via mail, or within the Business and Neighborhood Services lobby. 
Insurance: A copy of the event insurance certificate must be submitted.  The insurance must have at least one million ($1,000,000) dollars of general liability coverage.  The following must be listed as additional insured and a certificate holder, without restricting coverage to ‘required by written contract.’
Consolidated City of Indianapolis
1200 Madison Ave, Ste 100
Indianapolis, IN 46225
               Click here for a sample certificate.  Please include the event name on the certificate.
Events Advisory Board:  The Events Advisory Board (EAB) meets generally the 1st Wednesday every month at the Indiana War Memorial (55 W Michigan) at 9am. You may be asked to attend one of these meetings.  These meetings include people from downtown venues, representatives from city and state agencies and other event organizers.  This is a chance for you to present your event and to interact in person with the approvers and venues.  This is an informal meeting.
General Info for ALL Events
Be a good neighbor
·        Notification is required for ALL events.  Make sure that all residents and businesses in and around your event zone are notified – if done with flyers, make sure to include a phone number (NOT THE SPECIAL EVENTS NUMBER) for questions.  Include as much information about your event as possible – times should include set up and tear down.
·        Your permit does not give you permission to trespass on private property, you will need to show proof that you have permission to use private property if included in your event zone.
·         The noise ordinance states that the quiet hours are from 10pm to 7am – 7 days a week. 
·        Events must be accessible to persons with disabilities – make sure that ramps are not obstructed and there are ample pathways on sidewalks.
·        You cannot block entrances or exits to businesses – the general public MUST be allowed to patronize all businesses within your event zone.
·        If your event is located in an area with a stakeholder’s meeting, you need to present your event at one of their meetings before your event takes place (Canal, Georgia Street, Massachusetts Ave, Monument Circle, Fountain Square)
·        If you will have amplified sound, how will the noise impact the surrounding area?  Think about sound checks as well and follow the noise ordinance (quiet hours are 10pm – 7am)
·        If you are closing a street, you MUST use state approved barricades.  If in the downtown area, an Indiana Law Enforcement Certified Officer must man the barricades as downtown street closures are more complex than others.  Therefore, it is important for the safety of your event participants and volunteers that you choose someone that understands the traffic patterns and barriers required to keep everyone safe.
·        Streets cannot be painted.  Handheld chalk and /or tape are the only allowed means of marking the streets. 
·         If IMPD has determined that no officer is required for your event, you must have someone over the age of 18 standing at the barricades throughout the duration of the closure to move them for emergency vehicles or residents that need to get through.
·        When closing a street, consider the effect on traffic.  A detour route will be required – think of the impact on the area both for businesses and residents.  How will your street closure effect access to police or fire stations, hospitals (ambulances and other emergency vehicles), churches or schools?
·        If you will be blocking meters, how will this affect the area businesses regarding

parking for their customers?  Make sure to block only the meters necessary.
·        If you are 501c3, you may be able to have the meter fees waived.  You will have to present a copy of your IRS determination letter to our office.  Your event will go before the Board of Public Works and the board will determine whether your fees will be waived.  You will be notified when your event is going before the board.  Your attendance at that meeting is encouraged as the members of the board might have questions regarding your event.

Please note: We will not issue permits more than 30 days before an event.

Permit Fees

Anticipated attendees of 250-2500: $75.00

Anticipated attendees of 2500 and up: $268.00

If your event requires a fire inspection or fire services, there may be an additional fee of $100.00. Fees must be paid before the permit can be issued. An invoice will be sent with an email once your application is received.

There is no fee for a Block Party

Apply for a Special Event Permit at least 2 weeks in advance.

Notify neighbors of event details.

Be sure to tell everyone who will be affected by the street closure at least two weeks in advance. Click here to access the street closure request form and to reserve state-approved barricades to block off the street.  Barricades will not be delivered.  Please return the barricades in a timely manner as other events may be waiting for them.

PLEASE NOTE: Block parties and events that are requesting to block a street, may do so with approval as long as there are no structures in the street that would impair an emergency response.

  • Structures are considered such things as bounce houses, stages, tents, etc that would take more than a few seconds to move from the roadway.
  • The blockage of any residential street requires that the blockage be manned to allow access to residents and emergency vehicles.
  • Street closure permits for residential areas cannot restrict a resident on that street from accessing their residence.

Picketing / Demonstrations

In the instance the event is a peaceful picketing and/or demonstration, please contact the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. You may speak to Sgt. Harry Joseph Rail, 317-327-5488, e-mail: