Licensed Contractors
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Licensed Contractors

The Department of Code Enforcement (DCE) is responsible for licensing persons and business organizations engaged in construction activity in the Consolidated City of Indianapolis, Marion County.  The Consolidated City of Indianapolis does not include the excluded cities of Lawrence, Beech Grove, Speedway and Southport. 

The contractor license types include general, electrical, heating and cooling, and wrecking. Licensing for plumbing contractors are administered by the State of Indiana, with the license required to be registered with the City of Indianapolis. General contractors, meeting stated requirements, may apply for a listing with the City of Indianapolis. 

All contractors must be licensed and secure required permits to perform any work. If you hire an unlicensed contractor, you will be responsible for costly repairs or held liable for personal injury/property damage. If you suspect an unlicensed contractor or non-permitted work, please call the Mayor's Action Center at 327-4MAC (4522). For more details, check out this PSA or view the below list of currently licensed contractors.



Sec. 875-101 requires contractors engaging in any construction, land alteration, sewer work, driveway work, or excavation work to be a listed contractor. Below is a list of licensed general contractors in Indianapolis and Marion County.



Sec. 875-201 requires an electrical contractor to be licensed if performing work to connect electrical power for onsite construction, to install, alter, replace, service or repair a system distributing electrical power, to service equipment supplying power to factory-constructed dwellings located in a mobile home park, and to install, modernize, replace, service or repair all or any part of an electrical power distribution system. Below is a list of licensed electrical contractors in Indianapolis and Marion County.


Sec. 875-501 requires state-licensed plumbers to be registered to perform work. Below is a list of licensed plumbing contractors in Indianapolis and Marion County.



Sec. 875-401 requires a wrecking contractor to be licensed if demolishing, dismantling, dismembering, razing or removing structures, with some exceptions. Below is a list of licensed wrecking contractors in Indianapolis and Marion Couny.


Sec. 875-301 requires an HVAC contractor to be licensed to install, modernize, replace, service or repair all or any part of a heating system, space heating equipment, a cooling system, space cooling equipment, refrigeration equipment, or installation of ductwork for an exhaust hood greater than four square feet (4 sq ft) in a Class 2 structure and installation of duct work for any exhaust hood in any Class 1 structure. Below is a list of licensed HVACR contractors in Indianapolis and Marion County.



For a more detailed permit or license history for any of the above listed contractors, you can utilize the search tools on our research page.


Before hiring a contractor, please check the listings or contact the Department of Code Enforcement to verify whether a contractor is licensed and has the required general liability insurance coverage, surety bond, and workman's compensation coverage or waiver.    


Department of Code Enforcement
1200 Madison Ave., Ste. 100
Indianapolis, IN 46225
P|: (317) 327-8700
F|: (317) 327-5174



The Consolidated City of Indianapolis does not include the following excluded cities. Licensing in these areas is the responsibility of that City. If you reside in one of these excluded cities, please check with that municipality to determine if the contractor is licensed.

Lawrence: (317) 545-8787
Speedway: (317) 241-2566
Beech Grove: (317) 788-4977
Southport: (317) 786-5489