Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What can be done to slow down the cars speeding through the neighborhood?
    • Call Traffic Enforcement at 327-6525 to report the problem.
  2. What can be done about a portable basketball goal that remains on the curb 24/7?
    • Contact the MAYORS ACTION CENTER (MAC) at 327-4622 to report the problem (make sure to ask for a tracking number)
  3. What can I do if there is a yard on the block that is not mowed all summer?
    • Call the MAC at 327-4622 to report the problem.
  4. Who do I call if one of my neighbors is running a vehicle repair business from his garage?
    • Call the MAC at 327-4622 to report the problem.
  5. How do I get a CrimeWatch sign in my neighborhood?
    • There are 4 mandatory requirements that must be met in order to be eligible for the CrimeWatch signs:
    1. Meeting with the CrimeWatch Specialist in your area.
    2. Meeting with the Community Relations Officer from your district.
    3. A membership roster must be submitted to the CrimeWatch Specialist.
    4. You must have a 50% participation in each block to form a block club.
  6. What is the curfew for kids?
    • It varies by age...
      • (less than) 15 can not be in a public place after 11pm or before 5am
      • 15 - 17 on FRI and SAT can not be in public places after 1am, or before 5am; (SUN - THUR must be in by 11pm)

      • If involved in church or school activities, and accompanied by a parent or guardian
      • Going to / returning from a job
  7. How do I get more lighting in my neighborhood?
    • Contact IPL Security Lighting at 261-8653
  8. Who do I call if a street light is out?
    • With the poll number and location call IPL at 261-8111.
  9. Why do dispatchers ask so many questions?
    • They need answers to the 6 W's such as:
      1. Where?
      2. What?
      3. Who?
      4. When?
      5. Welfare of persons involved?
      6. Weapons involved?

      If the dispatcher continues to ask you questions it is because they either do not have enough information in order to dispatch or they have already dispatched but need additional information to get to the officers that are already on the way. Please answer questions to the best of your ability and stay on the line until the dispatcher has all of the information. Know that the purpose of their questions is to protect everyone involved and provide you with the best service possible.